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Manage Your Money Like a Grownup: Teen Edition

You’re never too young to start saving. Manage Your Money Like a Grownup, by bestselling author Sam Beckbessinger, aims to get younger readers thinking about the basics of money, laying a solid foundation in financial education that most grownups today never had.
Manage Your Money Like a Grownup: Teen Edition

With illustrations, jokes and fun facts designed to appeal to even the most easily bored reader, this book covers all the basics South African teenagers need to know about money, such as:

  • The relationship between earning, saving and spending;
  • How investing works;
  • Why compound interest is a superpower;
  • Why we pay taxes; and
  • The ethics of money.

Informed by discussions with real teens and their parents, this book equips readers with practical tips for earning and investing money at any age, as well as providing questions to spark lively dinner-table conversations.

"My 11 year old son really enjoyed this book. It has excellent advice on managing money, avoiding debt, compound interest etc. presented in a very palatable, relatable way for teens and preteens. Highly recommended."

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Here's an interview where I talk about the challenges and joys of talking to teens about money.

"Another sure-fire hit on the topic [of money]" - News24