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80,000 Hours

Confused about career stuff? Here's a great tool to help you figure out how to make a difference in the world. Includes advice about choosing the right job and degree.
80,000 Hours

Confused about career stuff? WOO LORDY, I know the feeling. My career ambition is still pretty much to become a garden hermit.

80,000 hours is the best tool I’ve found to help you think through career stuff. Their website covers everything from choosing what to study, working out how you can make the greatest impact on the world, to actually planning a mid-career change and finding the job of your dreams.

The best place to start is probably by reading their comprehensive career guide. It’s long (so long that it also comes in book form), but every word of it is gold. You can opt to receive it as a weekly newsletter or watch video summaries if you have attention problems.

They also have a nifty decision tool if you’re trying to think through a specific career decision (quit your accounting job to take up a thrilling new life as a pirate). And a podcast, and reviews about what some popular careers are actually like and whether they do good in the world, and a bunch of other very rad shit. Just go take a look.

They take a robust academic approach to their advice, so it’s better than just asking your auntie. The focus is a bit more on Europe/the US, but most of it is still 100% applicable.