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Moving to the UK: A Concise Guide for South Africans

Moving countries is hard and there's no handbook. But there should be!
Moving to the UK: A Concise Guide for South Africans

Coming 24 August 2023

Thinking of moving to the UK but don't know where to start? Overwhelmed by the information coming at you after a Google search? Baffled by visa requirements? Worried about how your kids and your beloved pet iguana would handle it?

Fear not! Written by a seasoned mover who's been there, done that and even brought back the tea towel, Sam Beckbessinger will hold your hand in this end-to-end guide to moving from South Africa to the land of tabloid, tweed and terrible weather.

Inside, you'll find helpful tips, funny anecdotes and to-do lists to keep you on track. This guide covers everything from the practicalities of finding a job to the cultural quirks of British life (yes, they really are obsessed with tea), equipping you with everything you need to know about fitting in on this weird, adorable island.

"The totally vital everything-guide I wish I'd had. I'm so grateful to have been one of the test subjects for this book, and that all Sam's thoughtful advice, tips, tricks, spreadsheets and honestly terrible jokes are now available to everyone..." - Lauren Beukes

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