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Udemy course, Power Hour and a new website

Two freebies, and a note about the new website.
Udemy course, Power Hour and a new website

Hello, grownups :)

I've got two gifts for you today, and one thank you!

Gift 1: New Udemy Course

Some people learn better from video than from books, so I've just launched a video course on Udemy. It's called Money 101: A Personal Finance Guide for the Confused. Instead of attacking you with math and financy jargon, we focus on the three fundamentals that matter most:

  1. Assets
  2. Compounding
  3. Diversification

In this lighthearted romp through the world of money, we'll talk about practical questions like why budgets don't work, how to trick your brain into saving more money, and what the heck the stock market actually is. Ideal for young people at the start of their careers, or for anybody who wants to get back to basics and feel in control of their finances again.

If you've read my books (or you've been a newsletter subscriber for a while), these will all be concepts you're familiar with already, just in a fancy new format.

And my gift to you: you can take the course for free, for the next 3 days, by clicking this lovely shiny link:

Get three days free

You are welcome to share this link with somebody you know who might like it (just don't blast it on social media, please).

If you like the course, please help me out by leaving a review! Getting reviews helps bump the course up in Udemy's discover page, which means it's more likely to get discovered by other people who might find it helpful.

Gift 2: JSE Power Hour on Thursday

If you're not sick of webinars yet, we're hosting a free one on Thursday (6:30pm SA time) talking about the basics of money management. This is the rescheduled event, after the last one's technical issues.

Sign up here.

A thank you: the revamped website

One of the most practical pieces of advice I ever received as someone who would perpetually apologise for stuff, is "when you feel like you need to say sorry, say thank you instead" (this doesn't apply when you do actually terrible things, obvs, just if you're somebody who's constantly throwing the word "sorry" around like it's confetti).

So instead of saying "I'm so sorry that the website was down last week" I'm saying "thank you for being so patient when the website was down last week"!

For a while now, I've wanted to move this newsletter off the likeafuckinggrownup.com domain to sambeckbessinger.com. Firstly, because I'm a lazy sod and should never have attempted to maintain two websites, and second, because as my life has become more about writing fiction and less writing about adulting, I've felt like I'm not always delivering on the implicit promise that the "like a grownup" brand makes. I hate feeling that some of you signed up for adulting tips and got hoodwinked into reading about all the fiction projects I'm working on, too.

So... this blog/newsletter/pile of words has now all been moved over to sambeckbessinger.com, where I will continue to post missives about the stuff I'm thinking about. Often, I think about money and freedom and careers and all the stuff you came here for, but sometimes I think about octopus brains and the 90s zine movement and why writing novels is so bloody hard, and I'll be posting about that kind of thing too.

If that's not what you're on board for, I totally understand. No hard feelings! There's an unsubscribe button at the bottom of this mail. Thank you for reading, for however long you did.

But if you're keen to keep riding this wild life-rollercoaster with me, awesome! Thank you. Each and every one of you make it possible for me to have the career I've always wanted to have, and I'm so damn grateful (and excited to start pelting you with facts about octopus brains).

The new website is here! Aaaaaaaaand it's full of bugs. The shop is still down. I haven't added search functionality yet. But it will all get better, I promise! I thank you for your patience ;)


Wishing you gratitude, and an extra brain for each of your limbs (octopuses have nerve clusters in each one of their arms that allow each one to "think" fairly independently),