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Simoleans, Galleons and Flurbos, oh my!

Have you ever wondered what your house would be worth in The Sims? Or wondered how many Galleons you’d get if you cashed in your savings at Gringotts? Or how many games of Roy you could afford at Blips and Chitz? Now you can find out!
Simoleans, Galleons and Flurbos, oh my!

One of the things I do with my time is hang out with some of my best friends building apps. It’s hella fun. Our latest app project is called Lettuce. Right now, Lettuce lets you add all of the assets you own (like shares or ETFs or bars of gold or whatever), and we’ll keep track of what they’re worth, in any currency, in realtime. But we’ve got big plans for this baby: soon, we want to let you activate simple money recipes that move your money around automatically according to rules you create (kind of like “if this, then that” for your money).

Recently, we had a lot of fun figuring out the exchange rates for various fictional currencies, so you can now see what your investments are worth in Flurbos, Simoleans, Galleons, Federation Credits, Septims and more! You can read all about how we did that here.

Owning your own business is great because no-one can tell you not to waste time on stupid, fun nonsense that makes you happy :) I hope that some of you get a kick out of this feature, too.

Lettuce is evolving into a very cool little project. It’s early days, but if you want to take the ride with us, download it here.