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Five things you didn't learn about STIs in Sex-Ed

One of the side effects of South Africa’s high rate of HIV was that people got very good at talking about sexual health.
Five things you didn't learn about STIs in Sex-Ed

Despite the national preoccupation with sexually transmitted infections (STIs), most of us – adult humans who might have sex sometimes – are still walking around with some pretty outrageous misconceptions about them. For the first episode of our podcast, I talked to some sexual health experts and discovered there was a bunch of stuff about sexual health I WAS GROSSLY MISINFORMED ABOUT.

Read the rest of this article and take a listen to the first episode of Like a Fucking Grownup: the PODCAST! over on Daily Maverick: Five Things You Didn’t Learn About STIs in Sex-Ed.


So... I have some news. I'm moving to Cambridge (UK) in January. I have BIG, CONFUSING FEELS about this! I'll probably write some more about this and why I made this decision over the coming months, but tl;dr: I'm moving for pull reasons, not push reasons, and I'm very sad to be leaving a country that I love with all my heart and still believe in absolutely, but there are some very compelling reasons for me to be in Cambridge right now. Guys, moving is so much admin! And how am I supposed to make new friends in my 30s!? Pray for me!

Also - it's Bisexual Awareness Week! Hi, my fellow bi+s, I love you! We are LEGION! Here are three pieces of excellent bi content I read this week: