How old are you?

I was born in June 1987. You do the maths.

Where are you from?

I was born on a farm near Durban (my first pet was a donkey named Mr Magoo). I lived in Durbs until I was twelve and remain very fond of it. At various times, home has been Cape Town, San Francisco, Pretoria, Cambridge, and a very dodgy nightclub called Zeplins. Right now, I live in London.

What is your net worth?

Wow, like, at least take me out for dinner first.

How can I get in touch with you?

Find the right contact here. I get a lot of emails, so please be patient with me if I take a while to get back to you. I do get around to responding to most of them eventually.

Where can I find the money dashboard?

Over here.

Will you come do a talk about money at my office?

Sure, that's something that I do. You'll find more information about talks here.

Help! I need financial advice.

I'm not a financial advisor, so I can't give you personalised advice, I'm afraid. I'd suggest you head on over to the League of Fucking Grownups Facebook group and ask them to recommend a good fee-based advisor in your area. Here's some general advice about how to choose one.

Why did you move to the U.K.?

Two big reasons:

  1. I have a genetic predisposition to going blind. I decided that if I do go blind, life will be much easier if I live in a country with a good public transport system.
  2. The world is big and I wanted to see more of it!

South Africa is a magical place and I miss it every day.

What's your opinion on crypto?

I wrote a long answer to this question here.

Why all the swearing?

Why the fuck not?

Can I ask you on a date?

Thanks but no. I'm a depraved pansexual but am also in a very happy long-term monogamous relationship, thank you very much.

What's your cat's name?

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar III.

Is "Sam" short for "Samantha"?

Only if you ask my grandmother, which would require a ouija board.