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My favourite resources about the craft of writing fiction

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My favourite resources about the craft of writing fiction

Hey, fellow fiction writers (AKA people with too many imaginary friends)! There are a lot of resources out there about the craft of storytelling, because writers love to procrastinate by writing about writing, instead of whatever they're actually supposed to be working on.

Here's a hand-picked list of only my favourite resources, to help you hone in on the most useful shit.


Don't read Save the Cat, rather just watch one of StudioBinder's excellent YouTube videos that show how it plays out in action.




  • Panlexicon - a better thesaurus
  • Bear - for digital note-taking (Apple only, soz)
  • I'm currently using Scrivener for novelwriting but I fucking hate it and am furious that nobody's invented something better yet (yes, I've tried EVERYTHING)
  • Currently using WriterDuet for screenwriting; Highland 2 is also good
  • Ghost is my blog platform and email sender, Squarespace is your best option for simple websites, and Shopify is great for selling your own stuff

Got suggestions? I love suggestions! Pop me a mail.