Money Talks

Five Money Myths: an intro to money for adults

Sam’s fast, popular talk that aims to inspire your employees to get more serious about their finances.

  • Content can be tailored to the income and life-stage of the audience - I can meet with management beforehand to discuss key messages, positioning and available company benefits
  • I will provide you with posters and email copy to invite your employees to attend
  • 45-minute talk + optional 15-45 minute open Q&A (60 or 90 minutes total)
  • I do offer a profanity-redacted version if preferred

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The Three Things You Need to Know About Money: a talk for teens

A fun, profanity-free talk about the basic principles of money aimed at teens aged 13 - 18. Designed to be short and funny enough to appeal to even the most easily distracted teen.

  • 30-minute talk + 15 minute Q&A (optional)
  • Content can be tailored for the age group

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Money for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Artists: informal sessions for creative misfits

A less structured talk, Sam can do a live Q&A for 60 or 90 minutes with content especially tailored to creative entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners.

  • Live 60 or 90-minute session driven by audience questions
  • Slides will be available for reference when needed, but this is not a structured talk

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Rates are standard and non-negotiable, and I reserve the right to change them at any time.

  • 30/45-minute session: R15,000 / £700
  • 60-minute session: R17,000 / £800
  • 90-minute session: R20,000 / £1,000

All talks are currently offered online only. I'm not doing in-person talks right now, sorry!

I do offer discounts to non-profits and public schools on a discretionary basis. Get in touch with me to discuss.

See Sam talking

"How to buy a private island" - a serious-ish talk about my own financial journey from TEDx Cape Town.

"Wants vs. Needs" - a shorter, funnier talk about whether buying everything you want will make you happy.

PSG Think Big Series - a Q&A with financial journalist Alishia Seckam about the future of managing personal finances in a Gen Z world.