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Cancel your subscriptions

Cancel your subscriptions and save money. Here is a list of contact numbers to cancel all the likely candidates in South Africa.
Cancel your subscriptions

I love you and I want you to be happy, so here are a list of subscriptions that are probably wasting your money. Cancel them and rather spend your cash on adventures and donations to charity and other shit that might actually make your life better.

DStv (011) 289 2222 https://selfservice.dstv.com/contact-us Think they let you cancel online? Ha! No chance.
Vodacom 082 111 Follow the prompts for "Contract queries", then "Cancellations"
MTN retentions@MTN.co.za Email them and ask for a cancellations quote
Cell C 084 143 Dial "2" for cancellations
Telkom 081 180 Talk to the operator and ask for a cancellation quote
Virgin Active 0860 200 911 They also have a temporary contract freeze option if you prefer
Planet Fitness 0861 496 463

Got any others to suggest? Let me know so I can keep the table up to date for ya.